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Four weeks less a day to the start of season 6.

Floyd Collins, April 17, 2014

@KateyWright: Tina Landau saw the show tonight. Brought Joan Allen. @krystinpellerin @MichaelTorontow all of us starstruck http://t.co/TQTiIUJceF

@jaytothedavis: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! @jonathanmonro @MichaelTorontow @krystinpellerin http://t.co/djFFIRkJvC

@jaytothedavis: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! @jonathanmonro @MichaelTorontow @krystinpellerin http://t.co/djFFIRkJvC

@krystinpellerin: “@jonathanmonro: @krystinpellerin Remember facing this beast? #havingatimeondabridge http://t.co/21Tr0D6DRA” :) #facinurfearsondabridge !

Not POV when she’s been kidnapped. Not POV when she’s on a case. POV when she can actually talk about her thoughts and feelings.

Leslie doesn’t talk enough. We usually see her acting more than her talking, and I know that’s a character thing, but hey: remember in the S2 finale when she told Mal she was in love with Jake? That was so powerful and such a beautiful scene.

Please more Leslie feelings. That would be great, thank you Allan Hawco.

Ps, I just realized I wrote this assuming Leslie is alive and we don’t know that yet. WELL ALLAN HAWCO.

Pps I love you thank you.