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Good morning. (6x01/01)


Republic of Doyle Season Six Premiere Party (more pics here)

Happy premiere day, folks!!

Season 5 on sale now!

Season 5 on sale now!

We’re going to make a movie … so, stay tuned.

Today is the last day of filming on Republic of Doyle.

If you write fic, or would like to write fic, please check out Yuletide over on LJ!

Nominations are currently open, and as every year, I have nominated Republic of Doyle with Jake, Leslie, Rose, and Des as the four characters I’m allowed. Most years I am the only person who offers or requests. Maybe you’d like to join me!

In 2012 I received two Jake/Leslie gifts, and they were awesome. Check ‘em out here. I’d love for us to have more of a presence and get more fic written!

Nominations: September 22nd - 29th
Tag mods’ nominations review: September 30th - October 10th
Public nominations review: October 11th - 18th
Sign-ups: October 19th - 25th
Assignments out: approximately November 1st
Assignments due: December 20th
Reveal: December 25th

If you have any questions, check out the FAQ or message me any time at in48frames! :)

Four weeks less a day to the start of season 6.